What To Look For When Using A Paving Contractor For Your Parking Lot


Whether you need residential driveway asphalt paving or something bigger and more commercial when it comes to paving contractors, there are some things to look for that indicate experience, knowledge, and quality work.

A Solid Reputation

Good paving contractors have a good reputation with their clients, as well as any local inspectors or commercial and residential entities they’ve served. The contractor’s reputation means that their customers and prospective clients can rely on them completing their services in a timely and professional manner, without any issues or problems.

Quality Foundation

striped parking lot maintenance of existing surfaceA paving contractor with a solid foundation of quality employees is also one to look for when it comes to hiring someone to pave your property. This usually only happens if the company has been around for at least five years, but some bigger companies offer quality work even if they’re just starting out. You’ll find that experienced contractors have learned what mistakes to avoid and the best methods for ensuring results that will last over time.

Knowledge And Experience

This means more than just knowing how to drive a paving machine.

Good paving contractors also know how to properly grade the site and determine what type of base is needed. They should also be able to tell if there are any underground cables, electrical lines, or other items buried underneath the property. If they can’t answer these questions readily, this may be a warning sign that you need someone with more experience who knows how to check for these things.

Owners You Can Trust

In addition to being knowledgeable about their jobs, good paving contractors will have a strong company focus on customer service. Owners who take pride in their work and stand behind everything they do are a better choice than those that seem disinterested or don’t seem concerned with repeat business from clients that come back year after year for additional paving services or repairs.

Full-Service, Fully Insured, & Bonded

paving companies boost property value - professional contractoreLook for a paving contractor that offers full service. This means they are responsible for removing existing asphalt, hauling away debris, supplying materials, and all labor to complete the project. Look also to see if they are bonded and insured because this way you’ll have some recourse should there be an issue with their work or safety during construction.

In fact, one of the most important things to look for when you’re looking for a paving contractor is that they are licensed and insured. There are many stories out there about people who hire unlicensed paving contractors for a paving project or an asphalt parking lot job, only to find later that they don’t have the insurance coverage they need in case something happens during the job. This could leave them liable for anything from medical expenses to property loss or damage (not to mention it’s just a major headache for your business). Trust us — get your parking lot paved by someone who’s licensed, bonded, and insured.

Neutral Colors & Subtle Patterns

Any good paving contractor will know how important this is. You want a color scheme that uses neutral colors including whites, tans, and beiges rather than bright reds and blues. A subtle pattern will provide a good base for more vivid designs in the future without compromising the new look of your parking lot or driveways. A new asphalt or concrete parking lot is an investment for any business owner. Look at your existing parking lot and envision what you’d like it to look like five years from now, ten years from now, and fifteen years from now.

Answers Questions Openly

Ask your paving contractor for references of past jobs they’ve completed so you can see what kind of work they did and how well it has held up over time.

Also, ask them if they provide a warranty with their services and how long it lasts. This too is a good indicator of whether this company is confident in its workmanship or not.

Finally, see if there are any reviews of this company online. It’s best to see what other people thought about the paving contractor you are considering hiring.

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commercial pavement parking lots - storm drains and uneven surfacesIf these things are important to you then Woolley Milling & Paving is the paving contractor for your parking lot project, be it parking lot maintenance, commercial paving, a newly paved parking lot, a new residential or commercial parking lot, and other services. We have been doing this work for years and we’re familiar with all of the requirements that are associated with it.

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