Specialty Sports Construction: Everything You Need To Know

Specialty Sports Construction

The construction industry is vast and can be highly specialized. You can be sure to find a contractor you can trust for any job or service you could possibly conceive of, from custom homes to private airplane runways. General construction is what most people think of when they think of construction. The term “general” refers to the most common types of construction projects, such as residential building and renovations, or industrial and commercial construction or renovations.

You probably see this type of construction fairly regularly when you are out and about — new neighborhoods being built up, a new drugstore project popping up on every other street corner in your town, this is general construction. It is vital, and also commonplace.

Specialty construction and specifically specialty sports construction isn’t always something you might see on a regular basis, so you might not notice it, but it is an important part of most communities, both public and private. Most middle and high schools have basketball courts, tennis courts, and running tracks. Many apartment complexes and community centers have sports courts of some type for residents to use. Private gyms and sports centers also have these courts and amenities for their members. These courts and tracks require special and professional contractors, designs, installation, and maintenance.

This is what is known as specialty sports construction. Not every construction company or builder can provide this type of court construction service. We are the New York construction company that can provide you with this specific type of specialty sport court construction for any facility, business, or private customers who need this type of project.

Running Track Sports Construction

Running tracks are a common feature of many public and private schools, universities, and fitness centers. They are expensive to construct, so when considering installing a track at your facility, you will want to ensure that your sports construction builder can offer high quality of work, and high durability of the finished track. We utilize a time-tested four-part process that produces reliable and durable results for the safety and long-life use of the track.  These four parts are:

  • Base prep/earthwork
  • Drainage
  • Install/prep work
  • Installation/customization of synthetic surface

Though not listed, the very first phase of specialty sports construction of a running track includes the planning and design of the track. This includes obtaining permissions, licenses, etc. to make sure the process is legally done. Then the plan for any customizations, and surveying, and making sure there are no environmental obstacles. After all of the bureaucratic hurdles have been passed, construction begins!

Prepping The Base/Earthwork

This process produces a stable foundation for the track, it is imperative that this be done correctly to prevent early deterioration of the track, which can cause safety issues for sports teams and other users. It will also prevent costly repairs later on. This is why it is essential to use a construction company that specializes in sports construction! It does have to be perfect! Earth must be level, so there may be topsoil removal or excavation involved.


Proper consideration for drainage is essential for all landscapes and environments. Snowfall, rainfall, irrigation, sprinkler systems, all of these can adversely affect a running track if the drainage is not adequate. Different plans need to take into account if the surface is porous or non-porous. The plan needs to take measures to make sure that weather and other factors don’t compromise the finished track.


Next comes the laying of the sub-base and base. The sub-base is usually some kind of porous aggregate, then a layer of rubber granules for safety and comfort. Different materials could be used depending on where your track will be located and for specific purposes.

Synthetic Surface Installation

Finally, a synthetic surface is applied. There are custom options available, such as color and texture, depending on coach, athlete, team, and other user needs. Contact us now for the types of customization that we have available.

Other final improvements can be made here, such as if the customer wants grass or turf in the center, what markings are needed for the track, and other concerns. We take pride in their knowledge and expertise in constructing quality and durable sport tracks.

Tennis Court Construction

Tennis courts are primarily sports courts made of concrete and asphalt. Tennis court construction will begin with an in-depth consultation service with the clients to determine what expectations for the project are exactly. The next phase is prepping the surface of the sports court by grading the area, making sure it is level, and doing any earthwork or excavation necessary.

A drainage system is implemented to keep the court safe and durable for whatever part of the country the court is in, and to take into account any weather issues that you may be concerned with. Finally, the tennis court is paved with asphalt for the most ideal playing surface. Then the athletic equipment such as the nets is ready to be put up!

Basketball Court Construction

Basketball is a very popular sport with all kinds of people. Not only are basketball courts common at schools, gyms, and churches, but they are also readily found at public parks and at private residences. Quality sports construction of these types of sport courts will ensure that users can enjoy them for decades to come. As with other sports court construction, the foundation it is built on must be perfect, level, and solid. Then a drainage plan must be drafted to preserve the integrity of the court in any kind of weather. Then the optimal playing surface is added. Your court is ready to be enjoyed!

Sports Court And Sports Construction Specialists

Woolley Milling and Paving is a local leader specializing in basketball sport courts and sports construction. We are proud of our attention to detail and quality. Our results are professional and durable. With proper use and maintenance, our courts will provide you with pleasure and fitness for years. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, contact our office today! Discover why we are a leader in our industry in New York!