Parking Lot Maintenance — What You Need To Know

parking lot maintenance

Virtually all parking lots are made from either asphalt or concrete. There are pros and cons to each, but one thing that they both have is the need for parking lot maintenance. Yeah, we know. Nobody wants to hear the “m” word, but rest assured that maintenance for your parking lot will be beneficial in the long run. But there are a few things to consider about parking lot maintenance.

  • Signs a parking lot needs maintenance.
  • What causes the deterioration?
  • How to reduce the disruption during maintenance of a parking lot.
  • Tips for parking lot maintenance.

Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Maintenance


As you already know, if there is a crack in your parking lot, the grass is going to find it. Grass growing through the cracks leads to a variety of problems with asphalt. It is important to make sure any grass is fully exterminated before your parking lot is coated or any cracks are filled.


Raveling is when an asphalt surface is disintegrating. It is caused by materials like gravel and sand dislodging and causes some big issues. Not only does it lower the skid resistance and make the road surface rougher, but it will also make the layers underneath more susceptible to deterioration. This parking lot problem is treated with a sealant if detected and maintenance is done routinely. If the problem gets too bad, a  paving overlay will be needed.


An asphalt parking lot has sealing that is constantly exposed to the elements and the ultraviolet rays of the sun causes oxidation. This is the reason why the black color fades over time. Eventually, it will look gray and unappealing. In this case, some routine repairs are in order. This would be refilling any existing crack and sealcoating to restore the attractive shiny black look.


Basically all parking lot maintenance issues sort with a crack. They are caused by natural wear and tear over time from things like the heat from the sun exposure, water and moisture, and cold that causes the ground to freeze and thaw. Once a crack appears — even the tiniest one — moisture infiltrates and makes it worse and worse until the parking lot maintenance is done.

The Base

The base of your parking lot is the lower asphalt below the surface. It gives the parking lot strength. But if you see standing water on your parking lot, there could be a problem with your base. Water is like kryptonite for asphalt. When it sits in one spot, that spot is going to need parking lot maintenance for sure. This may even lead to the parking lot to start sinking. This has the potential to send water under buildings on your property. The cost of this can be enormous!


Oil is a problem for asphalt parking lots. And there is a lot of it leaking from vehicles that are parked in parking lots. It reacts with the materials that give asphalt strength. And not in a good way. But the good news is that asphalt sealing protects the parking lot from this.

A Few More

Here are a few more — obvious signs — that your parking lot needs maintenance at a minimum and maybe even repair.

  • Missing pieces. Wear and team may lead to pieces around the edges of your asphalt breaking off.
  • Stains. If your asphalt parking lot has stains from chemicals, it needs a seal coating to prevent further damage.
  • Uneven. A weakened base in your pavement may cause it to be uneven. Especially if there are large, heavy vehicles using the area. This could require minor repair services or major replacement.
  • Potholes. Deep cracks lead to potholes. Potholes lead to vehicle damage. Vehicle damage leads to people avoiding your business.
  • Damaged areas. When you have more than one spot that is in need of asphalt repair, it’s not a fluke. You’ve got an issue that may need more than maintenance.
  • Drainage. Asphalt that isn’t sloped properly leaves water in the wrong place which leads to all kinds of issues that will require maintenance or replacement.

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

It is natural for a parking lot to suffer wear and tear over time that requires patching, striping, resurfacing, or other effective methods of maintenance and repair. Now that we’ve gone over how to tell if asphalt maintenance is necessary, here’s a quick guide to the main causes of paving problems and tips for effective maintenance.

Main Causes

Even the highest-quality asphalt, paving, and concrete will suffer wear and tear eventually. What are the main reasons this happens? Here are three of them.

  • Human error. Parking lot or asphalt repair is something that needs to be done right. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.
  • Oxidation. Oxidation is caused by temperature changes, water, and sunlight. These factors will break down the surface of the asphalt.
  • Corrosion. Over time, parking lots get covered in a lot of chemicals. Things like oil, gas, antifreeze, etc will be spilled and left there to deteriorate asphalt.

Helpful Tips

Property owners can take a few steps for effective parking lot services that will add years to its lifespan. Here are three of them.

  • The right contractor. Find an expert to make sure that the correct sealant, overlays, and other maintenance techniques are used. You’ll save money in the long run with maintenance vs making frequent repairs.
  • Keep it clear. All sorts of debris live on top of your paving. Rocks, glass, and other items that are left there will make it break down faster. Maintain the area by keeping that stuff cleaned off. You’ll also want to be careful with any snow removal service that can be hard on the pavement too.
  • Pothole prevention. Have an expert identify and repair potential pothole problem areas. Cracks and holes let water in and when it freezes, further damage is caused.


Most people don’t put much thought into a parking lot. That is until there is something wrong with it. The last thing you want is something like a parking lot turning people off to your facility. A little parking lot maintenance can go a long way in making sure yours isn’t cracked, unsafe, filled with potholes, or just plain ugly. We are here to help!

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